Crisscolfer feelings <3

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Darren Criss: I miss the fro (part 1)

¡Aaayyy…! Que se deje el pelo largo otra vez… <3

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People are always like ‘oh, you’re moving so fast, you’re going from place to place to place, you don’t have time to enjoy it.’ But I’m like ‘no, that’s not how it works. I am enjoying it; that’s why I’m moving so fast.’ My mom always gets on my case ‘cause at meals I always eat super fast, and she’s like ‘you don’t take time to enjoy your meal!’ and I’m like ‘no, I enjoy the crap outta that meal, that’s why I ate it so fast!


Darren Criss - h2$ Rehearsals

"For dis guy” hahahahahahaha

You can -must- wear this outfit again, Mr.Anderson <3

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Blaine Anderson + being cute

He’s just so cuteee <3

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Matching costumes

omg, I didn’t notice that!!

50 days of Crisscolfer

I wanna see them on tour!!

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