Decided I absolutely needed to find a Glee video to “All These Things That I’ve Done.” 

Found one.

I’m not crying you’re crying.

That part towards the end where it shows the “then” versus “now” is when I absolutely lost it.

I started bawling watching this. Completely beautiful tribute. 

Tony Stark being Tony Stark.

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She’s the sweetest girl in the world <3

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if you ever think a tv show is doing something completely weird, you should know that Glee once had a teenage girl giving birth to the music of Bohemian Rhapsody, cross cutting the scene with a showchoir of teenagers performing the song at the standard of experienced professionals.

omg that’s not nearly the weirdest thing they’ve done. not even close.

60 Days Klaine Hiatus Challenge Day 3: Favorite Klaine Episode 

5.14 New New York 

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crisscolfer bingo | france
↳a.k.a the wonderful time when darren instead of hearing his own last name, heard chris’ name

Glee meme || ten performances - Raise Your Glass [2/10]

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rock-paper-scissors - sam and dean vs. jared and jensen [x]

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Crisscolfer feelings <3

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